How To Back Up An Apple Watch

Backing up your Apple watch can save your precious data and crucial information from getting lost.  In case your watch gets damaged or lost you can still have your data with you by simply backing it up. Apple has enabled us to back up our data by encrypting it. There is just one complex part of the backing-up process and that is related to the “Health and Activity data,” which is also because of security and legal reasons.

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The data you have on your Apple watch will automatically get backed up to your iPhone when both the devices are paired-up. Also, when you backup your data to iCloud or iTunes, your data on Apple watch will perfunctorily be backed up to your iPhone.

Following are the steps of backing up your Apple watch data to iPhone

·         Turn on your IPhone, look for Setting > iCloud > Backup

·         Turn on your iCloud backup

Note: when both the devices are un-paired, the data will automatically back up to your phone

What if you have bought a new Apple watch?

In case you just have got a new Apple Watch, follow the mentioned steps to back up your data:

·         Go to your watch app

·         Select “Start Pairing”

·         Select “Restore” from a backup

After getting it done, follow on-screen prompts to agree to the given terms and conditions, and login with your Apple ID.

What if you have bought a new iPhone?

Don’t forget that your Apple watch is just an accessory to your phone. If the backup of your phone is up-to-date then all the information can easily be restored to your Apple watch. So we suggest you to regularly backup your data.

What if you have lost your iPhone?

In case your iPhone is going to be lost or wiped then be assured that all the data you have on your Apple watch is already backed up. Make sure that you backup your Apple watch data daily to your iPhone. Because backing up your Apple watch data daily is the option out there to keep yourself away from the hassle of losing it along with your iPhone.

Read Back up your Apple Watch – Apple Support for detailed explanation.

How to back up Health & Activity fitness data

Apple is not allowed for backing up health/fitness/medical data if it is not encrypted. So make sure that your health and medical data is well encrypted.

While you backup your iPhone data to iCloud or iTunes, must pick up the “encrypt “option. In case your data is non-encrypted, you will end up losing your exercise data, running times, and fitness information saved in your Apple watch. As far as iCloud back up is concerned, it is always encrypted, the problem only comes with the data of iTunes.

Nevertheless, you can create an encrypted iTunes backup in the same manner as a non-encrypted one—either manually or automatically, just with the ticked “encrypt option.”

NOTE: When you do it for the first time, you will have to follow an extra step in which you will be required to put the password. Not to forget that Apple will have an access to your Password and ID.