Our Picks: Digital Marketing Agencies To Consider

Our picks: digital marketing agencies to consider

Digital marketing is the practice of using online platforms for marketing. It envelops a wide variety of practices including SEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing and so on.  Digital marketing is highly lucrative if the right strategy is employed. This is perhaps the reason why Marketing charts reported an increase of 50% in marketing budgets as compared to 2016.

When it comes to employing a digital marketing strategy, most companies prefer a digital marketing service over planning out a strategy themselves – rightly so, too. This investment can be well worth it if the right digital marketing expert is chosen.

Here are our picks for digital marketing specialists:

  1. SEMnexus

In part SEO specialists and in part SEM agency, this company is a safe choice. The company is based in New York.
They provide a wide range of digital marketing services but their main focus and specializations are link building campaigns, digital content marketing and publication, on site web optimization, etc. If there is one thing we can be sure about, this top digital marketing agency, it is it provides results. Visit the site for more information.

  1. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

True to its name, opting for this service will help you thrive. Though with a service focus of 60% in SEO, they do provide other sorts of digital marketing services you will need to build a rock solid campaign. The service promises to first listen to your ideas and then make improvements to reach your desired goal.

  1. MaxAudience

With more focused on web design, MaxAudience aims for leads through PPC and social media marketing too. The company mostly provides for small businesses as its main clientele. The company is dedicated towards forging long term relations with its clients. You can visit the site for more information on their services.

  1. Location3

The company offers services like SEO, content, analytics, franchise digital marketing, etc. Their primary focus is content marketing and SEO. Location3 understands the complexity of digital marketing and applies various strategies accordingly.


  1. Perfect Search Media

With the motto, “your search is over”, this digital marketing agency provides a range of services including A/B testing, mobile advertising, social media advertising, and so on. Check out their testimonials for further satisfaction.


  1. Divigate

With an equally distributed focus towards the common practices of digital marketing, the company offers services in UK and globally. The company claims to work with a blend of “psychology” and “neuromarketing” to direct customer behavior favorably.

  1. Stryde

This is company defines itself as an eCommerce digital marketing agency. Their key area of attention is SEO marketing followed by content marketing and then digital strategy. The company utilizes questionnaires and surveys to get better insights into consumer behavior and drive their campaigns accordingly.

  1. Digital Success

With a clientele consisting mostly of small businesses, their services too are focused mainly towards SEO practices. The company’s motto states, “expertise + experience = impact.” Amongst its many services, the company also offers app store optimization.