Why We Think Facebook Advertising Is Important

According to the Facebook newsroom, the platform has an average of 1.4 billion daily active users and 2.13 billion monthly active users 

The platform has a giant user base, as we can see from the statistic mentioned. One could say the social media platform is a hub of opportunity for businesses, small and big alike.

Your potential customers actively use this platform. It would be ridiculous to not grab the opportunity.

2 million advertisers are engaging in Facebook marketing, reaching out to their customers regularly– why should you stay back?

It is highly targeted

Facebook ads are a powerful tool to reach the right audience. This is made possible by the sheer amount of audience targeting options that let advertisers define and set their target audience down to even very small groups of people. For instance, you can target people based on their specific interests, work, location, and pretty much any defining category.

Want to know the cherry on top? Audience Insights option to gives you a great opportunity to know your audience better.

The more familiar you are with the crowd, the better you can advertise.

Fast and good on the budget

Amongst all other media advertisement forms, paid social ads are one of the cheapest options. In this survey, 200 B2B marketers were asked if they considered cost-per-lead of various advertising channels expensive or not. More than 50% thought it had a “somewhat low cost”.

You know thousands of people are just an advertisement away. They are more than willing to engage through their likes, shares, and comments. Reach them now to see quick, overnight results and that too without spending a hefty amount.


Social media is a great tool to reach people, but you are not the only one employing it. Cute puppies, fashion gurus, meme pages, your competitors – there is a whole slew of businesses and not-businesses vying for your customer’s precious attention.

Your customer can become easily distracted and abandon your site. Remarketing targets these abandoned or lost leads by giving them a nudge towards you.

Your retargeting efforts will have a host of benefits including bringing in otherwise lost leads, brand reinforcement, engagement increase, and consequently higher lead conversion.

Facebook has the right options to help you launch a remarketing campaign.

Build an email list

At the end of the day, you have to keep in mind the primary use of Facebook is socializing. If you are not using the platform to build long-term users, well it’s your call. But we think it is an opportunity that must not be passed.

Instead of purchasing an email list through a third party – and end up having a bad list – Facebook ads, along with lead magnets can be used to create an organic, healthy email listing of loyal customers.