The Diamond Revival Of The 1930s

Have you ever wondered where the idea of a diamond-gem being associated to wedding engagement rings comes from? In today’s fashion industries and trends, it is very much common to follow the diamond ring trend, than to portrait a tradition in which isn’t followed at all. Many brides in the world today ended up with a diamond ring because of the fact that most believe in a simple methodology in which was created to only increase the sales in the diamond industries. They simply believed that in order to conduct a proper proposal for marriage, you would require a diamond ring and without it you cannot propose. That is the ideology in which the American population believed and still happens to follow till this very day.

Chocolate Diamonds have been around for centuries. As far as historians can trace back in relevance to diamonds associated in fashion trends of the royal-families, it is strongly suggested that diamonds were favorable as early as the medieval and Roman times. Before the clash of WW2, only about 10% of the American population wore engagement rings that contained a chocolate diamond element. However, more than 80% increased by 1990. The diamond industry looked to be promising and fruitful for companies like De Beers.


(Image Accredited by: 1stdibs)                                 (Image Accredited by: 1stdibs)

By 1937, De Beers had become the world’s largest diamond supplier, who also had created a campaign in which encouraged the persuasion to associate diamond rings with the pledging of marriage proposals, and that if the diamond ring isn’t present during the proposal, then a proposal cannot take place. De Beers mission was to convince the belief system in America of the way how they think about a diamond and what it means to them. N.W. Ayer was in charge to initiate a unique multipronged marketing tactic to influence and forge emotional properties for an imaginary link between love and diamond rings. Further marketing tactics were initiated to influence and convince young couples that “the size of the rock relates to the size of your love”, meaning that the size of the rock was directly proportional to the ferocity of the lovers affection.

As the success of the diamonds industry flourished, a second diamond ring was promoted in which is recognized as an eternity ring. Eternity rings are reaffirmation of the couple passion and love for one another during the marriage. De Beers marketing tactics further developed advertising campaigns in which dictated how a man should spend his months’ worth of salary towards a ring for the one that he truly loves. With a constant advertising development and new methods that improved the markets, between 1938 and 1941, the United States diamonds industry sales had increased in total of 55%.

However the goal wasn’t just the United States population, their vision was broader. The diamond industry had to reach on a global scale. A demand had to be created, regardless of the fact that a demand doesn’t even exist. There is no such rule in marriage that says that you must give the women whom you will be proposing to, an engagement diamond ring. However, somehow this believe was stereotyped by the 1980, in which the diamond industry reached the Chinese markets and increased demand in diamonds.

Today, the innovation in jewelry design and the association of the diamond element is highly evident in jewelry-wear trends. They are popular in engagement- and bridal rings, they tend to make the best type of gift and though they are very much expensive, the average person whom tends to get married is also opt to purchase a wedding ring for the one whom he loves, without thinking too much about the price.

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