STAY Fit In Your 50’s With These Proven Health And Fitness APPS

With age, health tends to deteriorate. If you are in your 50s, it is imperative more than ever before to stay fit physically to avoid all illnesses and to ensure a longer lifespan for yourself. With the advances in medicine and technology, you can expect to live more. But your body gets weak with age and cannot function as it used to in your youth days. This is why you must focus your attention to increase fitness efforts and personalize your workout tailored to your specific case. Now with modern health and fitness apps, the regime is not as difficult as it sounds.

But there are numerous different fitness apps in the market, how can you choose the best for yourself? You must decide a goal for yourself and use smart fitness apps to stay in shape and achieve the goal. Presented below is a list of proven fitness apps for people in their 50s to help them stay healthy.

  • My Fitness Pal

Available for free on iOS and Android, this app is perfect for you to personalize according to your goals. Whether you want to shed few pounds, set weight-loss goals, record eating or track exercise, this app is your best bet. Bearing food database of more than 5 million dishes along with a bar code scanner, this app allows you to make the best food choices at home, in markets or in restaurants. One of the best health and fitness apps, My Fitness Pal is perfect for people above 50s because of its easy user interface.

  • Couch to 5k

This app is designed for people who do not sport a very active lifestyle and get them run 5km distance in just 8 weeks span. The app is available free of cost on both iOS and Android operating systems. This app allows you to build up stamina and strength by allowing the user to alternate between running and walking. Over course of 8 weeks, with 3 workouts each week, the app allows 30 to 40 short sessions that track your calories and distance run.

  • Map My Walk

Walking marks as the best way to get back in shape and with fitness apps such as Map my walk, the process gets easier. It deploys the GPS in your phone to map out walking tracks and record all the details of your workout from duration, pace, elevation and calories burned.

  • Pocket Yoga

Very few of health and fitness apps focus on yoga, however, it marks as an excellent way to regulate the blood flow, maintain body shape and even lose weight. Pocket Yoga provides a simple and elaborated method to get started at home with numerus illustrations and videos.

  • Johnson & Johnson Official 7-minute workout

This app is perfect for people who are mostly short on time. Get in shape with a 7-minute beginner workout. When you have built enough stamina, try advanced versions. The app has short illustrating videos and a timer that helps you keep a check on those active 7 minutes.